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Greece In Print
The World’s Greek Literary Connection  

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Issue: January, 2009
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Petros Markaris

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Table Of Contents

Best Sellers:
Current Best sellers in English and in Greek

Biblio Bookshops:
Suggested Titles in English and in Greek: The Literature Collection
Suggested Titles in English and in Greek: The Children's Collection

Bilingual Corner:
"The Rule of Three in Greek" by Mark Dragoumis

Book Review:
"Panigyri: A Celebration of Life in a Greek Island" by Gail Holst Warhaft

Books In Brief:
"City of Brotherly Love" by Thomas Doulis
"Collected Ancient Greek Novels" edited by B.P. Reardon
"Daughters of Gaia" by Bella Vivante
"Famous Men of Greece" by John Haaren
"Forgotten Anzacs" by Peter Ewer
"Greek Shadows" by K.C. West
"Immortal Fire" by Richard Bodley-Scott
"Origins of Democracy in Ancient Greece" by Kurt A. Raaflaub
"Sudden Outbreak of Reason" by Christos Papoutsy
"Surrealism in Greece" by Nikos Stabakis
"The Library of Greek Mythology" by Apollodorus
"Women Writing Greece" by Vassiliki Kolocotroni

"Αρχιτεκτονική της Σκόρπιας Ζωής" του Νίκου Πεντζίκη
"Γιώργος Σεφέρης" του Δημήτρη Ν. Μαρωνίτη
"Επικοινωνώ Στα Ελληνικά" της Ιωάννας Α. Κρητικού
"Ευρωελληνισμός" του Μάριου Π. Μπέζγου
"Γραφή Κατοχής" του Νίκου Πεντζίκη
"Θολός Βυθός" του Γιάννη Ατζακά
"Ο Βυθός Είναι Δίπλα" του Νίκου Α. Βουδούρη
"Σαν το Λίγο το Νερό" του Σωτήρη Δημητρίου
"Τα Μάτια του Δράκοντα" του Θάνου Κονδύλη
"Τάξι" της Α. Πασχαλίδου
"Το Βλέμμα της Ήρας" του Γιάννη Γιαννέλη
"Φτερά Από Μετάξι" της Πασχαλιάς Τραυλού

Diaspora News:
"Bible Written in Syriac Found in Northern Cyprus"
"Cavafy Exhipition at His Former Home in Alexandria"
"The Complete Works of Cavafy Now available in Russian"
"Writer Imprisoned for Insulting Thai Royals"

Members' Page:
"Tiny Ancient Greece" by Heimrich Hall
"Face to Face With Olga Broomas" by Adrianne Kalfopoulou
"The House of Myth" by Alexandra Jacobs
"A Reading Assignment - You'd Like" by Jonathan Carr
"The Ancient Mechanics and How they Thought" by Guy Gugliotta
" The Glory That Was Greece from a Female Perspective" by Holland Cotter
"Peter the Repeater" by Jonathan Carr
"What Made the Greeks Laugh" by Mary Beard
"Glaucia the Greek Slave" by Jennifer Bogart
"Marina Nemat: Prisoner of Tehran" by Vivienne Nilan
"Thirteen New Stories for Funs of Crime Fiction" by Vivienne Nilan
"Greek Fire by Oliver Taplin" by Michael Coren"
"Reason and Chaos Collide in The Power of the Dark God" by Vivienne Nilan
"Allonisos' Slow Development" by Jonathan Carr
"Well Worth the Wait" by Heinrich Hall
"Series of Photographs That Captures Greek History" by Julia Panayotou
"A Black Sheep's Take on Life" by Vivienne Nilan
"Family Feuds" by Brad Leithauser
"The Roots of a Strange Identity" by Jonathan Carr
"Ancient Greek Literature" by Yun Lee Too
"Pythagorean Crimes"
"Mediterranean Modernisms" by Marinos Pourgouris
"The Dark Side to the Character of "National" Poet Solomos by Vivienne Nilan
"Inspector Haritos on the Job in Istanbul" by Vivienne Nilan

"Common Foods" by Marianthi Milona
"Nature's Sweetener" by Marianthi Milona
"Counting the Costs" by Zane Katsikis

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