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Greeks (Usborne Internet - Linked)


This educational, informative and handsomely illustrated book is an excellent visual reference for young readers.It offers an in-depth look at Greek civilization, from its first settlers to the Minoan to the Myceneans to the great empires of Alexander and the Ptolemies. Topics such as history, sociology, politics, economy, culture and religion are covered. This book is also packed with colorful pictures, detailed diagrams, realistic drawings, accurate reconstructions, and handy maps to help illustrate the points being explained and give the reader a vivid look into Greek history.As a bonus, this book has a wonderful appendix that contains:A complete map of ancient Greece. A summary of the most important Greek myths and legends, complete with detailed explanations.A collection of mini biographies of key figures in Greek history.A date chart from 40,000 to 146 BC outlining relevant events and significant historical developments that took place both in Greece and elsewhere in the world during this period.A glossary that explains Greek and Greek-derived terms used throughout the text.A thorough index for quick check-ups and specific consultations.Although this book was published in 1990, so some of the information in it may no longer be completely accurate, it is still a beautiful, entertaining and complete reference for children, and a fun, effective teaching tool for adults.Other recommended titles from this series: First Civilizations and The Romans.Reviewed by M. E. Volmar

Category: 7 to 12 Υears
Code: 10981
ISBN: 9780794517458
Pages: 96
Publication Date: 2011
Publisher: EDC Publishing
Published In: USA
Age: 3 to 8
Language: English