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The Great Martyr Saint Catherine


In 4th century A.D., in Alexandria there lived a girl of noble birth called Catherine. Her father was Constas, Governor of Alexandria. Her mother was a secret Christian because King Maximos was persecuting Christians at that time. Catherine was a clever girl and from an early age showed a special love for reading and writing. As she grew, she diligently studied all the sciences of her time. This way, within a few years she had become so clever that she even exceeded her teachers. Famous for her wisdom and rare beauty, she had made many noblemen and senates ask for her hand in marriage. Her parents also encouraged her to marry, so that her father's authority wouldn't change hands. However, she disagreed and to rid herself from her parents and relatives pressure to marry, she said: " I will agree to marry, but I want my husband to exceed me in the four gifts you say I am endowed with more than any other young lady, in other words, my noble birth, beauty, wealth and wisdom". Her mother had a spiritual father who was a holy main, hiding outside the city. One day she took Catherine to him for advice....

Category: Religious Books
Code: 10097
ISBN: 9789604951239
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 2013
Pages: 24
Publisher: Athos
Published In: Greece
Language: English