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Folk Tales From Greece I


A two-volume edition containing twelve folk tales selected from the treasure-house of modern Greek tradition. Water nyphs, witches, animals with the power of speech and dragons spring to life from its pages, along with adventures and heroic deeds, human loves and weaknesses. These imaginary tales are set against the timeless background of the Greek countryside, with its Mediterranean light, its perfumes and its varied scenery. Stories which have been passed down to us by word of mouth, told by an older generation on long winter nights and beneath the stars in summer, they are aimed at people of all ages. At the end of each volume is a tale preserved in the form it was first told in: two of the best-loved works of Greek demotic verse, translated into English but preserving the metre in which they were recited to their original audiences. The volumes are given an added dramatic dimension by prize-winning artist Fotini Stefanidi's vivid line illustrations. Contents The Water-nymph and the Veil The Soothsayer Beauty and the Swan The Sad Nightingale The Dress that Went into a Walnut The Marble Princess The Bridge at Arta

Category: Folklore
Code: 10601
ISBN: 9789604250820
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 250
Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: Stephanides
Published In: Greece
Translator: Bruce Walter
Language: English