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Days of Atonement


Ellen Boneparth takes us on a journey through memory and a maze of relationships. The energy of her prose draws us in, and we delight as she unearths long suppressed truths about WWII and the Jews of Greece.-Diane Bell, Professor of Anthropology, George Washington University and author of Evil: A Novel"Ellen Boneparth's story of the Jews of Greece is a gift to be grateful for. Beka's spiritual quest will appeal to readers searching for meaning in a multivalent world."-Carol P. Christ, author of She Who Changes and Rebirth of the GoddessDays of Atonement tells the story of a contemporary Jewish woman's search for her roots against the historical backdrop of the Greek Holocaust.While searching for her family's roots, Beka Freeman unearths never-revealedstories of struggles for human survival during the terrors of the Nazi occupationof Greece. Days of Atonement weaves together the riveting history of the Greek Holocaust with Beka's search for her own Jewish identity and spiritual path.On her journey, Beka, an American sociologist, single mother, and daughter of a feisty widowed mother, not only discovers the secrets of members of theSolomonides family stretching from Athens to Israel to Hollywood, but also finds love with a Greek man who compels her to re-define herself.

Code: 10490
ISBN: 9780595370764
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 262
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
Published In: USA
Language: English