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Who Killed George Polk?

The Press Covers Up a Death in the Family

Just weeks after CBS correspondent George Polk was murdered in Greece in 1948, his peers created the "George Polk Award" to honor the best in American journalism. Polk would have been bitterly disappointed, however, had he known that the "best in American journalism" accepted, largely without protest, an investigation into his death in which evidence was not only ignored but manufactured to convict innocent men - an investigation in which politics played a bigger role than the truth. Reconstructing the murder, investigation, trial, and aftermath, Who Killed George Polk? offers a penetrating analysis of the willingness of the American media - including CBS and a committee of prominent journalists headed by Walter Lippmann - to accept the government's version of events despite numerous inconsistencies. The book also explores the fate of the handful of journalists who had questioned the original coverup and shows that even when additional developments turned the official version on its head, they were no longer in a position to press for a new investigation. All had become victims of anticommunist witchhunts. Arguing that this mainstream media and the U.S. government were so blinded by cold war political considerations that they overlooked the most obvious culprits for the Polk murder, Elias Vlanton proves that Polk was likely killed neither by the communists, as originally charged, nor by corrupt Greek government officials, as claimed by a recent book and in a CBS "Sixty Minutes" broadcast. Instead, based on evidence uncovered during Vlanton's 19-year investigation, the author presents the only plausible scenario of how and why Polk was murdered. At its core, this perceptive interrogation explores how the press served U.S. national interests at the expense of the truth and journalistic integrity. Author note: As a Washington, D.C. writer, researcher, and Greek-American community activist for 20 years, Elias Vlanton has been deeply invloved in U.S.- Greek relations. An authority on U.S. government archieves on Greece, his writings have appeared in the Nation, the Village Voice, and several other United States and Greek publications. Zak Mettger is a published writer-editor living in Washington, D.C., who works for non-profit advocacy organizations.

Category: Politics
Code: 11672
ISBN: 9781566393676
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 322
Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Temple University Press
Published In: USA
Language: English