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Worship & Discipline in the Early Church (Popular Patristics)

Testament of the Lord is one of several ancient Church Order texts. Written in the first four centuries of the Church, they direct Christian conduct and morality, ecclesiastical organization and discipline, and the Church s worship and liturgical life. Beginning with an apocalyptic section in which the risen Lord himself addresses the reader, The Testament then describes the building of a church, the mode of appointment for clergy and monastics, and the conduct of daily prayers and of other liturgical services. The text is newly translated from the extant Syriac (with an eye to Ethiopic manuscripts), and the introduction makes the case for a fourth century Cappadocian redactor who gave the work its present shape, though much of its material goes back at least to the third century.

Code: 12050
ISBN: 9780881416114
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 170
Publication Date: 2018
Publisher: St Vladimir's Press
Translator: Alistair Stewart
Published In: USA
Language: English