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Greek Art and Archaeology

C. 1200-30 BC

This lavishly illustrated book surveys Greek archaeology from the collapse of the Mycenaean palaces to the subordination of the last Hellenistic kingdoms to Rome. Its aim is to study Greek art through the material record, and against its cultural and social backdrop. The book's target audience is archaeology and art students, as well as anyone interested in Greek art and culture. Through concise, systematic covering of the main categories of classical monuments, the reader is taken to a tour of ancient Greece along the most spectacular period in its history, the first millennium BC. Architecture and city planning, sculpture, painting, pottery, metallurgy, jewelry, and numismatics are some of the areas covered.


Classical archaeology: sources and methodology
Map I: Greece and the eastern Mediterranean
The Early Iron Age (1100-700 BC)
The Archaic Period (700-480 BC)
The Classical Period (480-336 BC)
Map II: the Hellenistic world
The Hellenistic Period (336-30 BC)
Sources of illustrations

Category: Archaeology
Code: 11722
ISBN: 9786185209001
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 304
Publication Date: 2016
Publisher: Kapon Editions
Published In: Greece
Translator: Nicola Wardle
Language: English