Kostas Faltaits


Konstantinos (Kostas) Faltaits was a renowned Greek journalist and author during the period of 1913-1944. He was a descendant of the old aristocratic family of Faltayis whose roots extend beyond the Byzantine era. He was born in Smyrni (Izmir today) in 1891, but in that same year his parents Dimitrios Faltayis and Anna Marcello-Grimaldi relocated to Skyros. He grew up on Skyros at the family’s Paliopirgos watchtower home where he began his education and was there initiated into the principles, ideas and values not only of the island’s traditions but also of his family’s which deeply affected his ideological and moral personality.

He graduated from the Varvakeio School in Athens. He then studied Law and Philology at the University of Athens and was nominated as a Doctor of Law, although he never practiced law. In 1910 he began his career in journalism and continued this profession until he died in 1944. He was considered to be one of the major Greek journalists of that period.