Peter T. Tomaras


Peter T. Tomaras was born in Champaign, IL of a Greek father and an American mother. He lived in Greece for a year, and made many return trips there. He was in Greece at the time of the July, 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and has made several research trips to Cyprus. Through an extraordinary arrangement in 1981, he moved back and forth between the Cyprus Republic and the occupied North, something no other person with a Greek surname had done at that time. Mr. Tomaras has traveled in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey. He has lectured on Cyprus, and published articles on Cyprus in The Washington Times, The Hellenic Journal and Greek Accent. He has published more than 200 non-fiction articles, including in seven national magazines. Since undertaking to adapt his journalistic voice to fiction, he has published novel excerpts from in The Hellenic Journal, and in the Blue Moon anthologies published by the Red Herring Fiction Writers Workshop at the University of Illinois. Mr. Tomaras earned a BA in Economics at the University of Illinois, and an MBA at Illinois State University. He served eight years in the U.S. Army Reserve, attaining the rank of captain. As culmination to his decades-long career in the hospitality industry, during which he has managed, taught, and consulted, Mr. Tomaras now practices as a litigation support expert, working with attorneys on hotel and restaurant cases.