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This volume presents the Greek myths in English translations of the Greek and Roman poets. The ancient poets drew on a great body of story material which provided the beginnings of the education of the Greeks -- an education which was the basis of the humanistic tradition for Western culture. These poets' versions have caught the imagination of writers and painters of the Western world from ancient times to the present.... The Greek myths beyond all others have dominated feeling and use for almost three thousand years....

"This collection is designed to supply as many as possible of the myths which have influenced European art and literature, in as dose art approximation of the poetic form of the originals as can be obtained in English." (From the Introduction.)

Category: Greek Mythology
Code: 12098
ISBN: 9780394604176
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 158
Publication Date: 1977
Publisher: Random House
Published In: USA
Editor(s): Francis Godolphin
Language: English