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The New Acropolis Museum: A Guide for Young People

Monuments and Men

A book for the monuments of the Acropolis! A book about the works of ancient Athenians! Above all, a book which talks about the activity of men: their labour, their art, their habits, the materials they used. . . A book for young people! Each exhibit of the New Acropolis Museum holds within it the stories of men and their views, their myths, stories of Athens in ancient times. . . It is these aspects of the Acropolis monuments that this book seeks to explore. Ancient works of art appeal to the modern visitor because the artists and craftsmen behind them live on within and through them.

Category: Ancient Art
Code: 12256
ISBN: 97896045561
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 70
Publication Date: 2015
Publisher: Metaihmio
Published In: Greece
Editor(s): Foteini Xifara
Translator: Eleni Antonopoulou
Language: English