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From Pyrgos to the Fed and from Wall Street to Starting Eurobank

With pre-war Pyrgos the starting point and a shipping career the final destination, the author outlines the experiences that contributed to his enviable professional life.His carefree childhood summers were spent at his family’s Pyrgos farm and his high school years at Athens College. His studies in New York City were the steppingstone t o his teaching career and to his appointment as a research economist at the United States Federal Reserve Bank. During the Kennedy years he was in Washington, having been appointed as a consultant to the president’s economic advisory committee. He then spent time working on Wall Street. The years spent in the United States were followed by his return to Greece to take on the leadership in Andreadis’ Investment Bank and was followed by his involvement in the establishment of Latsis’ Euroinvestment Bank, now the Eurobank.These were the stages of an extremely interesting and personal eight decades, as well as an elegant list of the socioeconomic and political framework that accompanied them all.Dramatic snapshots in the history of Greece, such as the German Occupation, the “Decemvriana” clash of 1944, Civil War and Papandreou’s political reform following the junta, and similarly vivid glimpses at United States history, including McCarthyism, the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Vietnam war, pass by like a crawl in an intensely autobiographical movie. With humor and self- sarcasm as his close companions, the author takes the readers along through his historical journey. His personal archives of his life supply “a sizable memory,” his purpose is sincere and his disposition is a breath of optimism for the future.

Code: 12063
ISBN: 9781932455311
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 323
Publication Date: 2017
Publisher: Cosmos Publishing
Published In: USA
Language: English