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Kindled Terraces

American Poets In Greece (New Odyssey Series)

"Kindled Terraces" features poems by 40 contemporary American poets influenced by their experience in modern Greece. Spanning more than five decades, the poems in this anthology are written by highly acclaimed and newer poets who embrace a variety of styles, including lyric and narrative free verse, new formalism, language, and experimental poetry. The wide range of voices in this collection illustrates the extent Greece moves those who get to know the country intimately, and how its history, mythology, and modern diversity hold a significant place in the American poetic imagination. Poets in this volume include: James Merrill; Jack Gilbert; Rachel Hadas; Peter Green; Edward Field; Michael Waters; Joseph Stroud; Alicia Suskin Ostriker; Rachel Blau DuPlessis; A. E. Stallings; Nicholas Samaras; Christopher Bakken; Alice Friman; Charles O. Hartman; Thomas McGrath; Alan Ansen; P. H. Liotta; Rebecca Newth; Moira Egan; Rina Ferrarelli; Barry Tagrin; Linda Elkin; Donald Brees; Jeffrey Carson; Adrianne Kalfopoulou; Lonnie Dupont; Linda Gregg; Charles Fishman; Robert Lax; Gail White; Eleni Sikelianos; Mark Sargent; William Pitt Root; Philip Ramp; Dave Mason; Bill Mayer; Diane Thiel; Laurel Mantzaris; and, Becky Sakellariou.

Code: 10880
ISBN: 9781931112376
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240
Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: Truman State University Press
Published In: USA
Language: English