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The 12 essays collected here present some of the most refreshing studieson the reception of Aristotle and Aristotelian philosophy in Byzantium, together in one volume.

These essays treat diverse topics, starting from the "topography of the case" (Knezevic) and critical reception of Aristotelian philosophy in the early Christian authord such as Origen and Gregory of Nyssa (Ramelli, Biriukov} or Maximus the Confessor (Benevich, Cvetkovie, Skliris), Nicephorus of Constantinople (Erismann) and Gregory Palamas (Terezis, Petridou). The rest of the papers are dedicated to John Philoponus (Varlamova, Meteiescu) and Michael of Ephesus (Arabatzis, DerByzantine world, and the latter undoubtedlyetic), the former being probably the most important philosophical figure in the Byzantine world, and the latter undobtedly one of the most devoted interpreter of Aristotle at both sides of Christian oikoumene.

Most of these essays are characterized by meticulous scholarship and great insight, while some of them offer a more general access to Aristoteles Byzantinus, thus serving as a kind of introduction to those who are still not "initiated" into the influence that the "Sphinx of Stagira" exerted on Byzantine authors.

Code: 13017
ISBN: 9781936773688
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 340
Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: Sebastian Press
Published In: USA
Editor(s): Mikonja Knezevic
Language: English