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Social Transformation and Mass Mobilization in the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean Cities 1900-1923

(IMS Series in Social and Economic History - 1)

In the first decades of the twentieth century, the cities of the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean became, to an unprecedented degree, the scene of mass mobilisation, protest and conflict. Rooted in the ongoing social transformation and rapid urbanisation of the region, these phenomena of mass politics articulated the demands of emerging social subjects in the languages of nation and class, which were often peculiarly and inextricably intertwined. With the aim to transcend established constructions of historical space, the present volume brings together twenty-two scholars from several countries to explore a wide range of relevant cases throughout the region and in a variety of settings (the Ottoman imperial, nation-state and colonial) and inquire into the spatial, political and ideological dimensions of the transformation of early twentieth-century Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean societies. THE IMS SERIES IN SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC HISTORY The aim of the IMS Series in Social and Economic History is to publish innovative research, by younger researchers and established scholars, as well as edited volumes in the fields of the social and economic history of the Mediterranean and the Balkan regions. An initiative of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH (Rethymno, Greece), an institution with more than a quarter of a century of research excellence in these fields, the series has a comparative and transnational focus and aspires to build bridges between researchers and research initiatives in Greece and the other countries of the wider region and enhance the visibility and inclusion of this original research in contemporary discussions, debates and controversies in international social and economic history.

Category: Sociology
Code: 11185
ISBN: 9789605243975
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 214
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Panepistimio Kritis
Published In: Greece
Language: English